11 Companies with Remote Jobs Hiring Right Now

A list of companies that offer fully remote work and are currently hiring remote!

These days, everyone seems to want a remote job, and it makes sense. The ability to work from anywhere, flexible work schedules, and the time saved from no longer having to commute are all appealing perks of remote work. 

Below, you’ll find a list of companies currently hiring on Elpha for remote positions.

Read on to learn about the problems they’re solving, what their remote work setup looks like, and where they’re hiring from. For more information about a specific startup and to view their open roles, simply click on the company name.

We hope this resource helps you find a company that aligns with your career goals and lifestyle.

Companies hiring on Elpha


Zapier is automation made for SMBs. Connect your apps, automate your work, and have more time for what matters most.

Remote work benefits & perks: 

  • Our flexible, distributed environment lets us work with the best people from around the world

  • Flexible time off (most take 4 to 6 weeks per year + holidays)

  • One annual retreat to awesome places

  • 14 weeks of 100% fully-paid leave for new parents

  • Anniversary rewards

  • Lifestyle spending accounts (wellness, travel, meals, etc.)

  • A spending account for job-related expenses (software, home office setup, professional development)

  • Fertility and Family planning support

  • Healthcare & Retirement plans

and more !

💡  Zapier's tip for remote job seekers: Emphasize your time management skills! Remote work demands excellent time management and the ability to prioritize tasks independently. During interviews, share examples of how you have effectively managed your time and stayed organized in previous roles. Highlight any tools or techniques you use to stay on track, such as scheduling apps, task lists, or time-blocking strategies.

🌎🌏🌍 Hiring fully remote employees globally

📍 Where they work: Zapiens live in 38+ countries, including the United Kingdom, Thailand, India, Nigeria, Taiwan, Guatemala, New Zealand, Australia, and more.

Open positions at Zapier:

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Ethena’s all-in-one compliance training platform helps you check all your boxes and build a better workplace. Their product gives you a catalog of courses employees will actually like, an LMS that automates their delivery, and employee relations tools to support your team through tricky situations.

Remote work benefits & perks: 

  • Flexible work schedule across different time zones

  • Co-working - access to local WeWork (or equivalent coworking space)

  • Office Equipment Reimbursement - Reimbursement up to $750 to spend on office equipment

  • In-person Bonding - Expense $100 per employee per month to bond in-person

  • WiFi reimbursement ($50/month)

and more !

💡  Ethena's tip for remote job seekers: Showcase your adaptability and proactive nature. In your resume and interviews, highlight instances where you took the initiative to solve problems or improve processes while working remotely. Emphasize your ability to stay motivated without direct supervision (ie no hand-holding needed) and your comfort with using various digital tools for communication and project management. Demonstrating that you can independently manage tasks and stay connected with your team will make you a standout candidate for remote positions.

🇺🇸🇨🇦  Hiring fully remote employees in the US & Canada

Open positions at Ethena:

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Other companies hiring remote employees

Here are some other companies currently hiring for remote positions that you may want to explore. 


EasyLlama provides your organization with innovative workplace training. EasyLlama’s solutions empower your team with the tools necessary to build a safer and more inclusive workplace.

Remote work benefits & perks:

  • Flexible work schedule

  • Digital nomads welcome

  • Rework work stipend

  • Virtual community building events 

  • In-person annual retreat

💡  EasyLlama's tip for remote job seekers: Do your research and don’t be afraid to ask questions specifically related to how the company communicates and works collaboratively in a remote environment. Ask how leaders respect and foster a remote work culture.

🇺🇸🇨🇦  Hiring fully remote employees in the US & Canada

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Clearco provides e-commerce businesses with working capital to fund invoices and receipts. Increase your ecommerce business revenue with predictable, controllable, and scalable funding.

Remote work benefits & perks:

  • WFH stipend

  • Flexible PTO

  • Quarterly get-togethers

💡  Clearco's tip for remote job seekers: Remote work requires specific skills such as self-discipline. While interviewing, make sure to provide examples of being a self-starter.

🇺🇸🇨🇦  Hiring fully remote employees in the US & Canada

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Penny Finance

Penny Finance is a female-founded, women-led, personalized, tech-powered financial mentor that provides real-world financial education and know-how to women first. 

Remote work benefits & perks: 

  • Flexible work schedule

  • Retirement benefits

  • Paid PTO

💡  Penny Finance's tip for remote job seekers: Provide examples of why you perform better from home.

🇺🇸  Hiring fully remote employees in the US

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Our home equity investments provide debt-free cash in exchange for a percentage of the home’s future value.

Remote work benefits & perks:

  • Flexible work schedule

  • Paid parental leave

  • Unlimited PTO

  • Home office stipend

  • 16 hours of paid volunteering time (in-person and virtual)

💡  hometap's tip for job seekers: Don't forget to maintain your relationships with friends and family during your job search.

🇺🇸  Hiring fully remote employees in the US

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We are the people who make things—the artists and engineers behind some of the most influential ad campaigns on the internet. Known for our expertise in digital production, we like to think of ourselves as the new ideal in creative partnerships for growing brands and products.

Remote work benefits & perks:

  • 100% employee coverage for health, vision, and dental insurance through either a traditional PPO or optional Health Savings Account

  • 401K matching up to 3% of your eligible compensation

  • Up to $1000 annual Growth & Wellbeing stipend to be spent on anything that makes you smarter, healthier, and/or happier

  • If you live near a major city, we have WeWork passes for most cities to be in person if you want to or choose to be

💡  Hook's tip for remote job seekers: Ask the questions that will help you determine if remote working is for you. And if you determine it's not, that's OK, too! The benefit of interviewing remotely is that you get a bird's-eye view of the experience everyone else working remotely is having and how great the company is at supporting those employees and keeping a remote culture strong.

🇺🇸  Hiring fully remote employees in the US

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Mission Clean Energy

Mission Clean Energy is a utility-scale renewable energy and storage developer focused on accelerating America's clean energy future. We're providing clean, abundant, and reliable energy to communities throughout the US, with a mission to decarbonize the grid responsibly.

Remote work benefits & perks:

  • We provide the necessary equipment to work from home

  • We facilitate weekly virtual Lunch & Learns to build community and foster knowledge sharing for our remote org

  • Two in-person all-hands per year to further employee connections

  • Team-based, employee development (and fun field trips for hands-on exposure to renewable energy projects, technology, and the broader renewables community!)

💡  Mission Clean Energy's tip for remote job seekers: The communication conversation should absolutely be part of new employee onboarding. If it's not, as the new employee, make sure you ask about what type of communication tools, cadence, etc. work for the team and what the general expectations are. Then, check in on a regular basis about what is working and what isn't working to ensure you're all on the same page.

🇺🇸  Hiring fully remote employees in the US

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The Open Platform

The Open Platform is on a mission to put Web3 in every pocket by distributing and simplifying TON Blockchain services.

Remote work benefits & perks:

  • Non-bureaucratic management that respects business processes (focus on the results)

  • Regular performance reviews to assess your progress

  • Remote setup with access to our hubs in Dubai and Yerevan

  • Compensation for medical expenses

  • 20 working days of paid vacation annually

  • 7 days off/year

  • 14 days of paid sick leave to support your health and recovery when needed

  • Access to internal conferences, courses, trainings, and corporate events

💡  The Open Platform's tip for remote job seekers: It's crucial to emphasize having a proactive approach. Demonstrate your initiative by sharing instances where you independently identified and solved problems, and highlight your time management skills to show you can stay productive without direct supervision.

🌎🌏🌍 Hiring fully remote employees globally

📍 Where they work: UK, US, Dubai, Spain, Serbia, and Russia.

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Canny is a feedback management platform. We help software teams organize customer wants and needs so they can inform their product decisions. We are bootstrapped, remote, and profitable.

Remote work benefits & perks:

  • Flexible work schedule

  • Co-working stipend

  • Medical/dental/vision insurance

  • In-person retreats twice a year! Here's a video of our most recent trip to Italy.

💡  Canny's tip for remote job seekers: Especially working remotely, communication has a big impact on how effective we are. We want people who can communicate clearly and concisely. Use simple words. Keep answers short and to the point.

🌎🌏🌍 Hiring fully remote employees globally

📍 Where they work: USA, Canada, Spain, and Turkey.

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Structure’s mission is to democratize the quality of care for humans globally by building the world’s most powerful scanning, analysis and diagnosis AI platform for healthcare.

Remote work benefits & perks:

  • Flexible work schedule

  • WFH equipment

💡  Structure's tip for remote job seekers: Honestly assess if the overlap hours will work with your lifestyle. We do require a 3-4 hour overlap (with U.S. mountain time zone).

🌎🌏🌍 Hiring fully remote employees globally

📍 Where they work: Bangladesh, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Austria.

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