21 Remote-First Companies Hiring Right Now

A list of companies hiring on Elpha that offer fully remote work and are currently hiring remote!

Remote first companies used to be the outliers. 

But the past year and a half has demonstrated that remote work can work and location-based offices and commutes aren’t required. We’ve been able to study and rethink outdated working models. 

According to a study from Future Forum , just 3% of Black professionals in the U.S. want to go back to the office full-time after the pandemic (vs. 21% of white professionals). This clearly signals that our past way of working was not working for many. 

This doesn’t mean you can’t have an office! Many of the companies below do have office hubs in certain cities. But what sets a remote-first company apart is the infrastructure (documentation, process, policies) they have to put in place and the trust in their employees to work from wherever they are most comfortable and productive. This makes the working environment better for everyone, whether they work in the office or remotely.

Scroll on down to learn more about these Elpha companies - the problems they’re solving, the remote culture they’re building, and where they are hiring. To learn more about a startup and view their open roles, click on the company name. 👇

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Ethena provides compliance training for modern teams. They break larger topics - like Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - into smaller and more digestible training delivered throughout the year so it stays top of mind. Ethena was started by two women, a military veteran and a software engineer.

The team is fully remote, with the option for team members to spend as much or little time as they’d like in office spaces near them. They have a hub office in Brooklyn, NY as well as clusters of team members in Toronto, Denver, and the Bay Area.

Where do they hire remote employees?: U.S. and Canada


Curai is a health tech company on a mission to provide the world's best healthcare to everyone by harnessing artificial intelligence/machine learning to scale the delivery of instant medical expertise that’s accurate, trustworthy, relevant, and actionable. Their core product is a virtual primary care clinic.

They are a fully remote company that is intentional about making space for ‘stage of life’ diversity. They make sure that remote work doesn’t mean ‘always on’ and that people have plenty of time for their families, friends, and hobbies. 

Where do they hire remote employees?: U.S.


They believe anyone, anywhere, can start a business. With more than a million brands worldwide selling, shipping, and processing payments via Shopify, they are focused on problem-solving at scale. 

Shopify has been one of the larger tech companies leading the shift of remote first companies. They are focused on building a culture that is ‘digital by design’ rather than being an afterthought.

Where do they hire remote employees?: Global


Rutter is building a universal API for e-commerce platforms. Developers can use Rutter’s API to read and write data to any merchant's store with the same code.

The Rutter team has members on both coasts and places a heavy emphasis on good internal asynchronous communication and documentation. The team also gathers for an offsite every quarter and hosts free remote Doordash Dinners every Wednesday so the team can relax and get to know each other.

Where do they hire remote employees?: U.S. 


Qatalog is building a workhub for modern teams. They enable teams to gain an understanding of the bigger picture to make informed decisions and to scale fast with automated knowledge flow, and tightly aligned teams and projects.

The team aims to work asynchronously and takes time monthly to do online team events. With over 12 nationalities, they often learn new things about different countries' food and traditions. Plus, join the team to see a beautiful cartoon portrait of yourself. 

Where do they hire remote employees?: Global


AtoB is building Stripe for Transportation. Supply chains rely on the reliable movement of capital to function efficiently. Their end game is a world in which payments happen reliably, without high costs, and without fraud. They build products for fleet managers in the office and drivers on the road.  

The AtoB team is fully remote and just like their customers, spread out across the globe. They gather every 2 months to spend a week working together. One of the co-founders of AtoB, Harshita , is an Elpha member. 

Where do they hire remote employees?: Global, open to U.S. and Canada visa sponsorship


Snackpass is a social commerce platform for ordering from restaurants. They believe that in 5 years, restaurants will be entirely cashier-less.This summer they raised a $70m Series B that they’ll be using to continue expanding to more markets in the U.S.

The Snackpass team is a remote company spread out across the U.S. with an optional office space in New York, L.A., and San Francisco. They claim restaurants as their office with employees often ‘out in the field’, talking with restaurant partners, testing the product, and ordering food!

Where do they hire remote employees?: U.S. 


Pearmill is a performance marketing agency with a goal to shift advertising towards a more trustworthy industry by producing beautiful, honest, and high-performing ads.They are a group of designers, marketers, and engineers spread out across the world. They also offer profit sharing to all team members. 

They have a distributed, remote, and global culture with team members in New York, Bay Area, Kiev, St Petersburg, Minneapolis, Moscow, Timișoara, Skopje, Orlando, and soon: where you live! They also have one of my favorite benefits for remote teams: twice a month house cleaning budget!

Where do they hire remote employees?: Global


Cresicor helps consumer-packaged-good companies with trade promotion decision-making. Trade promotion is in action when you snag the buy-one-get-one-free deal at your grocery store. They are developing an analytics-rich software system that replaces the current spreadsheet workflow that CPG companies use to understand and manage their trade. 

Food doesn’t stop with their customers. They make sure their remote team members are well fed with a monthly delivery of customers' products and a GrubHub+ membership with a weekly stipend.

Where do they hire remote employees?: U.S.

Chord Commerce

Chord Commerce is building a data and commerce stack to give D2C companies meaningful access to proprietary first-party data insights. They are working to give entrepreneurs more tools to truly understand their customers and respond to them. 

The Chord Commerce team is spread out across the U.S. and Canada and recently gathered for their first company retreat. Check out this cozy sneak peek

Where do they hire remote employees?: U.S. and Canada


Finch allows applications to access data and make changes across payroll and HR systems through a single API. Finch aims to unify data across these systems with read and write access so developers can help both employees and employers maximize the value of their relationship.

They offer a work from home stipend and daily lunch budget. They also meet up quarterly for offsite company trips. 

Where do they hire remote employees?: U.S.


Routable is a remote Series B startup on a mission to be the simplest way to send and receive B2B payments. They are building a payments platform to make bill payments and mass payouts fast and seamless. 

The team is 100% remote, with employees in over eighteen states and four countries worldwide. They meet up twice a year as a whole team to get to know each other better and to collaborate in person. 

Where do they hire remote employees?: Global


Adyn is a femtech company on a mission to make scientific discovery more inclusive so everyone can live their healthiest life. Their first product helps individuals identify the best birth control for their unique biology. 

The Adyn team is small with a lot of space for collaboration and for all voices to be heard. They are also a fully distributed and self scheduled team, trusting their employees to prioritize their self care and find balance in mission-driven work .

Where do they hire remote employees?: U.S. 


Beeper gives you a unified inbox to chat on iMessage, WhatsApp, Twitter DMs and 12 other networks. You can search, prioritize, and mute messages, all in one spot. They also open source most of their backend.

Beeper launched in early 2021 and is a small (but growing!) fully remote team spread out across the globe. 

Where do they hire remote employees?: Global


The team at Remotion is building a virtual office that helps hybrid & remote teams connect like they're together. Naturally, they are a fully remote team themselves. When it came time to redo their website, they made the decision to update their language about remote work from “work where you work best” to “work on your own terms”. 

“The core belief is that you work best when you have agency over your own life, when you choose where, when, and how you work,” shared Harriet , a software engineer on the team who helped bring this messaging to life. 

Where do they hire remote employees?: Fully remote, Americas time zones


Nextmv is a globally distributed team building a decision stack to help companies automate manual workflows and optimize operational decisions for routing, scheduling and packing. 

They have location-agnostic pay meaning no matter where you live, you get paid the same for the work that you do. They also have 4.5 day workweeks with Friday afternoons off. Right now, they have team members in the U.S., Germany, and Colombia. 

Where do they hire remote employees?: Global


Pace is a mental fitness and social wellness platform on a mission to unlock emotional connection with oneself and others. Pace was started in June 2020. The name was inspired by real-life groups of people running together and finding their rhythm.

As a remote first team, Pace has team members in the San Francisco Bay Area, Florida, Los Angeles, NYC, Seattle, SoCal, and New Zealand.

Where do they hire remote employees?: Global

Just Appraised

Just Appraised makes software for local governments. More specifically, they are building software to streamline local government tax assessors’ workflows using machine learning. 

They are a fully remote team that is globally dispersed. They also share compensation ranges upfront in their job descriptions.

Where do they hire remote employees?: Global


Shogun is building tools to empower brands to drive higher conversions, revenue, and brand loyalty. Their e-commerce products, Shogun Page Builder and Shogun Frontend, help companies build and optimize their online stores. 

Shogun has been remote from the start and places a big emphasis on asynchronous communication. They also hold an annual company-wide retreat which is a mix of social time and work.

Where do they hire remote employees?: U.S. and Canada


Slab is building a scalable knowledge base and wiki software to improve how teams share and retain information. As a company building tools for documentation and asynchronous work, they focus on making internal information as transparent and accessible as possible. 

They offer new team members a $5k stipend to get your remote workspace dialed. Unrelated to remote work but noteworthy, they offer a 7-year option exercise window. 

Where do they hire remote employees?: Global


Aptible is committed to making security a strength for every startup. Rather than building compliance into your cloud infrastructure, startups can use Aptible to get their product to market faster and be HIPAA-compliant from day one. ☁️

They’ve been a globally distributed and remote team since day 1 and have thought a lot about ‘scaling good decision making across the company’. The real way to get to know a company? - check out their public Zoom and Slack norms.

Where do they hire remote employees?: Fully remote, Americas time zones

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