Startup Truth Bombs

The startup world screams "Growth, Growth, Growth!"

But here's the truth bomb: future profits matter way more.

Durability, the ability to stand the test of time, is what separates a fad from a force. ⏳

Durability is hard to measure. It's about building a strong foundation, not just inflating vanity metrics.

So, how do we avoid the "measurement" trap?→ Shift your focus→ Think strategically→ Embrace the long game

Remember, true success isn't measured in a single quarter's report. It's about building a company that flourishes for years to come.

Thankfully the growth growth growth narrative is changing and we're moving to a durability model (as you explained here) at least at the pre-series A phase (can't speak too much on post series A so someone might disagree with me here) So yes how do you implement durability concretely?
Building a strong, durable foundation is crucial before hitting the gas on aggressive scaling.Here's what you can try--Make sure you have achieved true product-market fit and aren't just pursuing growth metrics for their own sake.-Make sure your business model is fundamentally profitable and each new customer generates positive lifetime value.-Minimise Burn, Extend Runway-Map a Deliberate Growth Plan Rather than gunning for exponential "growth at all costs"