EIR programs

Hello All! Looking to crowdsource/ brainstorm around approaching VC firms about being an EIR. Does anyone have any experience in this space? I have been actively ideating around a product in the fintech realm. I am noticing when taking with VCs those based on the East Coast understand the need for my product better than those on the West Coast. I have had several even openly admits their biases. I would love to get this project off the ground and as a solo-founder am looking for multiple options. Thoughts?Thanks!!
A lot of the EIR roles tend to be fairly organic ie. through relationship (as everything is in VC).I'd recommend you build contact as a mentor to startups and eventually make your way to their investors. I'd do it in a way that's not just transactional ie. I'd actually try and add as much value as I can in the success of/ helping the company.Additionally, mentoring as part of an accelerator, or being in touch with VC funds' platform managers (this person is key in a fund and should be your best friend as (s)he is the bridge between the investing team and ops for all the startups ie. (s)he knows what's happening at every level). and offer to help startups as a mentor.First Round Capital has a dedicated program for this, other funds don't but I have seen that funds especially at the early stage tend to be open / flexible with regards to new ideas.Good luck! :)
Thank you so much! This is such a helpful and through answer. I appreciate your time and expertise!
Absolutely! I'm glad it was helpful :) Keep us posted on how things go.