Launched our Waitlist šŸš€

My life changed when I decided to stop drinking almost two years ago (I wrote about it here), and now I'm building a tech startup to bring people together who have made the decision to go sober or sober curious.

Text "hey" to +1 (310) 634-0740 or click this link to join the waitlist.

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CC @teresaman who I talked about building this almost one year ago at an event in New York! Never give up on your dreams. :)
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šŸ‘‹ and congrats Brooke!! So exciting that you're building the waitlist - just signed up and can't wait to hear what's next!PS. If you're in NY still, the dry bar aka experiential event company that I've told you about is back and is hosting this with H&M:
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This is sooo cool!!! Also I am going booze free for the next 30 days - I will report back haha
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Woot congrats!