Ask a Recruiter - Senior Technical Recruiter recruiting for CMT: (AI, Engineering, Product Marketing, Software Dev) to make roads safer

​Get into a Senior Technical Recruiter's mind and learn how they hire for a company using AI and behavioral science to make driving safer. (They're also hiring, so definitely attend if you're an analyst, engineer, or Product Marketer, analyst, or software developer).Join Roadmap for a Fireside Chat with CMT's Senior Technical Recruiter, Alain Barbara, who will share what he looks for when building teams that solve hard problems that impact millions of drivers worldwide.We'll discuss Alain's career journey with CMT, remote working culture - the pros and the cons, top values, and skills that CMT hires for, and answer questions submitted in advance.

​About: Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) is on a mission to make the world’s roads and drivers safer. Their first product launched in 2012 and pioneered mobile usage-based insurance. Since then, CMT has become the world’s leading telematics and analytics provider for 80 enterprise programs in 20 countries. Powered by mobile sensing, artificial intelligence, and behavioral science, CMT measures driving quality, incentivizes safer driving, assists users in crashes in real-time, and improves the safety of millions of drivers worldwide.

​Curious about something we missed? We got you covered. Alain's game for Q&A!