Grieving the loss of hope and making transitions

Hello all! During a meeting I attended today, we talked about grieving the loss of a job or grieving the loss of hope related to a dream and the difficult transition through the process. I am interested in learning more about how others dealt with the loss. I would like to develop a mini-course on the topic. If you would like to chat please let me know. Please forward this along to anyone whom you think would be interested, thank you in advance! #transitions

I can relate! I'm in my 5th career reinvention, and sometimes it feels hopeless to keep going.
Thanks for sharing, Jasmine. I am glad I am not alone. I am scheduling interviews with people who have gone through this experience. Would you be willing to chat? I have a list of questions prepared if emailing is easier. Thanks in advance for your consideration!
Of course! Just tell me when and where :)
Wonderful! Thank you so much it means a lot. What time zone are you in? I live in MN, USA so Central Time Zone. Does 6 pm CST on December 5th or 6th work with your schedule? We can chat over the phone or I can send you a video link. Please let me know what works for you. I can also send you a list of questions. Thanks again!
Great! 12/6 works but can we do before 5 pm EST? And I'm good for a video chat if you'd prefer. I'd love to see your questions beforehand.
Wonderful! Yes, we can meet before 5 pm EST. Does 12 pm EST work for you? What is a good email to send you the video chat invite? Lastly, Below is a list of questions. We can discuss the questions that most resonate with you. Thank you again!Please tell me about yourselfWhat led up to your transition? What is the transition you are hoping to make?What is/was your transition?Who else is/was involved?How did you react to the situation? How are you handling the transition?How did your colleagues, friends and family react?What was/is the most significant moment in your transition?At what point did you realize you needed to make a transition or that you were going to have to go through a transition?What skills helped you transition?How are you a different person today?What would you say to others going through a similar transition?What three lessons have you learned?How would you define success? Has this changed? If so, how?What else would you like to share?Can I share your story?How would you like to be recognized?If I need further clarification can I reach back out to you?Is there anyone else you think I should talk with?Would you like updates on the process of developing the mini-course potential book?Thank you for your time!
Hey, that works! Please send to [email protected]. Thanks!
Hi @juliezarubafountaine - uff, I hear this one! I made a MASSIVE career transition out of the music industry into the wellness/personal development space AND had a miscarriage in the middle of it all... major losses and lots of grief that I have been able to transmute into my superpowers. I would be keen to talk about this if you want! DM me and we can exchange info x
@magdalenajensen Thank you for sharing and I am sorry for your loss. I send you a DM. Take care.
Happy to chat :) I’m going through one now…!