2 quick questions for moms

Hi moms!I'm doing a little bit of research. Can you answer these 2 questions for me, please?1. When you decided you wanted to leave a job, what's the first thing you did?2. When you decided you wanted to leave a job, what part of the job search process did/do you need the MOST help with?Thank you!!!
Hey Kelli, just for clarification, you're asking moms specifically that left jobs to stay at home with their kids? And the second question, you're asking what part of the job search process did you need help with once they decided to re-enter the workforce?
Hi Hannah - No, I'm asking in general...when a mom decided to leave a job and look for another one, what's the first thing she did. And then, what did you need help with the most during your job search...could be just changing jobs or could be re-entering the workforce.Thanks for asking!
Okay thanks for the clarification! I'll be sending you an email :)
Thanks, Hannah - I appreciate it!
@CherylAnn - any thoughts on this?
Context: I was in a fixed-term position for a boring job. At the same time I'm teaching part time. I wanted to increase my part-time teaching load.1. I had a talk with my manager and (a) reduced my FT fixed-term role from 100% to 80% and had the contract end 4 months earlier2. I'm not really looking for a new job, more a collection of steady contracts/projects. Building a network in another industry or geographic area is the hardest part.
@katerinabc thank you! This is really helpful and a smart way to pivot. What kind of projects are you looking for now?
Ideally people analyst projects, using data science to help people/teams/orgs achieve their goals & objectives better. it's a cross between behavioral science and data science.
Context: Left my job to start my own company. Had a conversation with my SVP, told her about my leaving in 3 months. We worked out a transition plan.Figuring out health insurance for a small business owner
@MaryGervais6 thank you! Congrats to you for taking the leap. What's your business?