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👋What field are you transitioning from Hanna?
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Service industry, I was a bartender before Covid-19. Thanks for reaching out!
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Hey Hanna! Welcome :) I recently moved from PDX to NYC this summer, I really do miss the greenery out there sometimes. My partner was briefly in the field and from what he said it can be a hard field to get into depending on your experience and what you want to do. Are you looking to get in more on the research side or the design side. From my understanding alot of jobs will want to see you can do both research and design work. I've heard from my previous UX lead a good way to start is have an online portfolio of some research projects you've done. If you want to, you can actually try messaging her on linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/elizabethbacon/ she also lives in PDX :)
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Good insights!! Thanks for reaching out!! I favor the design side of UX and want to have an emphasis in UI. You are correct though, the research aspect is very important. I am currently putting together my portfolio and hope to have it done soon. Thanks for sharing this contact. I will be sure to look them up on LinkedIn. ❤️
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Hey there! I'm moving to Portland soon from the Bay Area but have a background in the field you're moving into. Are you on Twitter as well? I'd love to connect you with "Design Twitter" :)