Alloy Automation - Join us as we disrupt ecommerce :)

Hi all! I'm the founder of Alloy (YC W20), an ecommerce automation platform used by leading brands like Red Antler, the Denver Broncos, and Lick Home to eliminate operational tasks associated with running their stores. We've raised over $5M from the likes of Bain Capital, BoxGroup, and the founders of Webflow, Rent the Runway, & more.We're hiring for a growth marketer, a growth ops generalist, and a product design. Here's a job description you can refer to:'d love to chat directly with any interested applicants! Feel free to email me [email protected] or reply below :)
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Unfortunately I don't have a referral for your roles but Alloy looks super interesting (I have a CPG company)! Curious to hear how it differs from Zapier @SD?
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We're a lot more specialized and have a few utility functions (aka looping) that allows for more granular ecommerce workflows (ie when an order is paid, you can loop through the line items and do checks to then segment your data) :D
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Awesome, thanks for this clarification!