Just Start

I created this vision in 2017 while working full-time. Here’s what I can tell you after accomplishing most of it:

1. Goals don’t discriminate. They are accomplished by those who pursue them and take action until they’re achieved.

2. Your appetite for something different, better or greater has to be bigger than your desire to remain comfortable.

3. Those closest to you may not be “the crew” required for your next level. Experience different rooms and join forces with those who have a proven track record of success based on where you’re headed.

4. Stop telling yourself what you can’t do and giving yourself an out. You’d be surprised at what you’ll accomplish and who will help you along the way.

5. Go against the grain. If it’s a popular train of thought and widely accepted by culture, question it. Someone else’s reality doesn’t have to be yours if it’s contrary to what you want.