Make sure you’ve identified the key competencies required for leadership positions within your organization. Some common competencies include strategic thinking, decision-making, influencing, communication and adaptability. Why? Because you’re being assessed against specific competencies to determine your potential to develop and excel in higher roles.

Be certain that you are not only a woman who is a high performer, but that you are also showing up as a woman who can be categorized as high potential talent.

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YES! Earlier in my career I was totally unaware of this, so I went to my "default" programming, which was a version of the high performing you are talking about (in my case it was over-performing). I was working on a lot of things that were not on the list of common competencies and wondering why I was getting passed over for leadership. It wasn't until I realized that I would need to embody and demonstrate these competencies that I started landing higher roles and responsibilities.
Over-performing is extremely common but I’m so glad you’ve made some adjustments and have landed higher paying roles!! Congratulations!!