As we kick-off 2022 and look towards a brighter, post-pandemic future, many industries and communities are still recovering from the losses of the past two years. For example, did you know that COVID-related job losses pushed more Black women (9.5%) into unemployment than any other group?

PowerToFly is celebrating the voices and achievements of Black leaders in business; how we are holding each other, our work, and our organizations accountable to pledges for creating inclusive workplaces!

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Thanks for sharing! Tagged events for you :)
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Thank you @teresaman! Have a phenomenal day!!
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Love it! Are you involved with the org? They're doing amazing work!
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They are absolutely amazing Iynna! I’ve presented before and am participating in next month’s Diversity event.
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Thank you for sharing!
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You’re welcome @lashondatillis
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Awesome - I have shared with our DEI council. Thank you.
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Thank you!!