Hey all!

Your resident generalist, marketer, operator and lover of all things weird here!

I'm looking for my next (ideally full-time) role and wondering if anyone is looking for someone with my experience.

I won't bore you with too much detail, so here are the highlights:

  • 5+ years as a copywriter/blogger
  • 5+ years in corporate logistics & supply chain
  • 2+ years in startups and marketing
  • Social media experience: Instagram and Tiktok primarily with some Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube
  • Software experience: Google Suite, Microsoft Suite, Shopify, HubSpot, Klaviyo, Figma, Canva, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro
  • Passions: Mental health, sexuality, CPG, weird brands doing weird things!
  • Superpowers: Versatility, relationships, enthusiasm, willingness to learn/quick learner

Why do I call myself a Startup Generalist?

In my most recent full-time role, I was the Marketing Manager for a CPG wellness company, but the CEO and CMO threw me anything and everything that they needed done that particular day. So while my main functions were writing blog posts, creating social posts and copy, drafting emails, managing freelancers, researching and engaging social partnerships, and answering customers on social, I also made sales calls, wrote press releases, managed our investor list, responded to customer emails/helped them manage their subscriptions, searched for a copacker for our product, and I’m sure there was more...and I loved every second!

If you or anyone you know needs a generalist, marketer, or operator with A LOT of personality, please let me know! My resume/portfolio are in the "link" section, but I'd be happy to send over more information if you'd like.

Either way, thanks so much for reading 🥰

Hi Renata! Thanks so much for posting :) FYI I changed the tag to job hunting, we use the tag Job Board for folks who want to share jobs they are hiring for (or someone else is and they're sharing for the community).That said take a look at our partner companies that are hiring, some might be interesting to you