Know anyone at LinkedIn who can help?

Hi Elphas, know anyone who can forward unresolved/"closed" help request for below?

1. Individual acct locked due to name registered as professional name (also matches company name), instead of legal/"traditional" personal name. They fail to see the traditional education/work etc. that can only be attributed to an individual, and no GDPR/DMCA request has been complies with.

2. Unable to report false profile claiming to have worked at my company, before it was even founded, no such title ever existed, never hired in that country before, never met/know him, etc. because everything requires login to report. Mentioned this in legal request, but the reps who responded are frankly, ignorant and definitely not in legal compliance. This has left a really bad taste in my mouth re: big tech. It's ridiculous that anyone can claim to work at our company, without a basic feature of company approval/verification first.