Please fill out our survey! It's a femtech product that prioritizes women's wellbeing, data privacy and community.

Hi! I'm currently working on a femtech product that prioritizes data privacy and community.

The front-facing part of the platform is a friendly AI chatbot for women to have natural & friendly conversations about their health. We're also going to offer symptom tracking, daily insights, health reminders, personalized content and an anonymous community.

We're currently trying to figure out if this would be a good fit for women out there outside our team and would love to get your feedback/thoughts. Thank you!

Here's the link:

Filled out! How do you differentiate that from Peanut or other platforms that essentially have similar missions? Looking forward to learning more as you gear up to your launch.
Hi! Thank you for filling it out. While taking this one step at a time to properly figure out what the major differentiating factor will be, right now it's the focus on data privacy for women who want to track their periods (how that's even going to look like) and better personalisation for women who have irregular periods and want better predictions.
Just filled it out!
Thank you!