Hey all!

It's been a bit since I've posted about my job search, and a few things have changed, so I figured I'd post again! I am a cross-functional operator who lives, eats, breathes (and writes about!) CPG companies. I've worked with several wellness CPG brands in my tenure, and I adore wellness CPG startups. I'm a scrappy startup employee who is willing, able, and excited to jump into any and every job function - I believe that this makes me particularly valuable to startups!

Specifially, I have expereince in Operations, Sales, Logistics & Supply Chain, Marketing and more. Currently, I work part time with one CPG company where I help them manage inventory as well as helping with marketing efforts. In my last full-time role, I was the Marketing Manager for another wellness CPG company however, I basically was the right hand of the CEO. One week I made sales calls, one week I searched for a copacker for our product, I managed the support inbox and helped customers with their subscriptions, I learned how to write press releases, and I managed our investor list. I LOVED this role - being a versatile employee allowed the founders to focus on what was most important to them, which was swell.

Before that, I worked in the corporate world for a logistics company as an Account Manager, Transportation Management Coordinator, and finally Transportation Management Optimization Analyst. In these positions, I learned all about supply chain as well as how to manage customer relationships, manage our TMS, make appointments with shippers and receivers, and route trucks, all while learning some fun Excel functions.

As someone who loves helping startups with many different things, I recently earned my Chief of Staff certification, so I would be thrilled to step into a role like that or something more on the Operations/Sales side. I've attached my interactive resume as the main link to this post (but my one-page resume can be found on the first page of the interactive resume).

If anyone has any leads or connections they could help me with, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you, all! I appreciate this community so much and recommend it to people regularly 🥰

So nice to read your note, Renata! Thank you for posting. Wild idea but we have a few Elphas here who are building CPG comapnies (either as a main or as a side business) a few of them posted their work here sure if any of them could be someone you could work with?!
Thanks so much @iynna, I’ll check it out!