Hey all!

I'm so so excited about this project I recently finished, which is an interactive version of my reusme that I made using Figma. I wanted to showcase all of the things I've done as a Startup Generalist as well as my creativity. I've found that it's so hard to put all of my experience onto one sheet, but it's all relevant because I want to do a little bit of everything.

Don't worry, there's still an option to view my static resume, but I think this is way more fun 😉

If this sounds neat to you, click the link above or click it right here!

I love that you made a Personal Operating Profile! The interactive resume is an awesome idea as well. Love that you included your portfolio this way! If I can make a small feedback: I found it hard to navigate: if I want to go back to the previous option, rather than go back to the homescreen it's not possible for ex
Hi friend! Thank you for the feedback…that totally makes sense (and I’ve been wondering myself if a “back to previous screen” button would make it easier to navigate). This weekend, I’ll sit down and add a back button! Thank you again ☺️