Hey all!

A few weeks ago, I started a newsletter on LinkedIn called "Weird CPG."

As a weirdo myself, I wanted to highlight and feature gloriously weird brands! Feel free to give it a follow if it's something you'd enjoy, or send over any weird brands you'd love to see highlighted. Especially if you're a founder of a weird brand yourself, please reach out becasue I'd love to feature you!

Stay weird, y'all!

Thanks so much for sharing Renata! "As a weirdo myself" made me laugh :D It's good to be weird! But now I am curious what you define as weird be it product or funky marketing?Have you heard of this company the fund i'm with invested and while not weird, it's for sure unusual!
Thanks for the reply, @iynna! I will definitely check them out 🥰 I will totally agree that it’s a bit subjective. I will say that for me, “weird” is often defined as using anti-marketing techniques or being authentically weird on socials (some companies even have the word “weird” in their name/slogan…which is why my first newsletter was about Aura Bora!). Any brand that strives to be consistently unique, sassy, etc is gloriously weird in my book!