After two years of building, I am finally launching my logo design tool: seeking your valuable feedback and suggestions!

Hey Everyone!

After two years of working and chipping away at my logo design tool, Typogram, I am launching it publicly. My primary goal is to build a beginner-friendly logo design tool for founders launching their businesses or projects. It's a design tool rather than a logo generator. It's for the tinkers, hackers, and DIYers who love being creative and want to design/build something themselves. I would appreciate any thoughts, feedback, or features you think might be helpful.

  • You can learn the basics of branding design through in-app learning materials
  • You can use our curated logo design method feature to help you design a logo easily
  • You can use our custom editable icons, allowing you to change the visual style easily without manipulating brazier curves.
  • You can get a typography system for your brand, which you can use for your website, blogs, and marketing graphics
  • You can create a brand kit including color and black and white versions of your logo, in SVG and PNG formats
  • The service also allows you to publish a brand guideline with your designed logo and typography system you can come back to, print as a pdf, or share. We offer a one-brand lifetime license, so you can keep designing and editing the logo.

Thank you for taking the time to check it out. I look forward to hearing your feedback. You can access the service by visiting this link:

This is so lit, Hua! Congrats! Perusing very quickly on the website, I like the UI, super slick and fun-looking. I think the pricing details has a lot of content on it so perhaps a bit overwhelming. For context, I like this entire website a lot as I think it gives the info we need without going into too much details ie. just enough to get me excited to want to learn more.
So cool! I love how user friendly it is!