DEI Workshop: What’s next? What to do when your DEI initiatives aren’t working

This is for everyone and anyone overseeing DEI efforts for their company…

Do you ever find yourself asking why you’ve rolled out DEI training, drafted a DEI mission statement, and maybe even started an inclusion council, and for some reason, you’re still not seeing the change you hoped for? What gives?

On Thursday, December 15th (1pm - 2pm ET / 10am - 11am PT), join Ethena’s VP of People, Melanie Naranjo, for an open forum discussion on what it takes to drive genuine culture change and how you can make this a reality at your company. 🚀

Grab your seat here - This is going to be a very fun and very informative session. Oh, if you can’t make it live on 12/15, register anyways and receive the recording post-event. 🎥 😊