Hi Ladies,I hope you're well. It's been a challenging couple of days for me personally, whilst I've dealt with some deep emotions. Having worked through that with the help of my coach and some journalling, I'd love to share my latest news letter.Please do let me know if this helpful if you are currently furloughed?Link: a drop a comment or feedback on what you think?I'd really appreciate that.Warm Regards,EkuaWebsite:
Hi @ekuacant! Thanks for sharing this. I'm on furlough until end of June (since last Thursday) and literally took 2 days off to chill, reflect and decompress and decide next steps. This is a great blog!
@xtine08Hi,I am glad that this blog helped you! Do take some time to reflect and think about how you feel. There is no rush. Make plans and take action when you are in a good place!Warm Regards,Ekua :)