When was the first time you'd felt like an adult?

For me, it was probably the first time I had to pay taxes. I was confused AF.

And apparently that feeling reoccurs every year, around the same time as tax season kicks up...

Hunh! Go figure...

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When I got my own apartment! Felt truly like an adult
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Me too. Especially when I realized all the bills that needed to happen monthly.Gas, electric, wifi, water, getting furniture which we opted in for bean bags and those futon couches that turned into beds. LOL! That whole first and last rent threw me for a loop as well though...
When I moved abroad alone for a job to a country where I knew no one and people there spoke other languages😄.
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Sounds extraordinarily familiar ;c)
Now that I met someone at age 32 that I might actually want to marry 😯
I love this. This is how I feel at 30.
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Omggggg MANIFEST!!!!Please keep us posted!
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Ooooh! Congratulations!!
Tbh, I'm in my mid-30s, employed, married, financially stable, and still don't feel like an adult... 🙃 Not sure what it will take, maybe having kids?
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I love your mindset here - you are a child at heart and that's the best! :)
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I just looked up the word adult because I was thinking, "well what the fuq does that actually mean?". So I googled it to get the dictionary's rendition and its:To behave in a way characteristic of a responsible adult, especially by accomplishing mundane but necessary tasks ; a person who is fully grown or developed."Accomplishing mundane but necessary tasks..."? LOL!The fact that you don't feel like an adult may be a good thing.Go outside & do something extraordinary. Fuq their mundane...
Totally understandable. I have had my first child, and it still didn’t really change much of how I felt maturity-wise, but gave me lots to get curious about.
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When I had to figure out health insurance here :-D hahah
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Definitely one of those things you wish someone would've taught you in high school, before launching you out into the world!
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Right! Seriously school should teach us that stuff e.g financial literacy, file taxes, how health insurance works etc because frankly I am still waiting for the moment I can brag about my cosine similarity calculation skills.
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The day I told my husband I wanted a divorce. It felt like the first time I was making a decision for ME rather than the option everyone expected of me
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Aw thank you for sharing and I am really happy this was a decision you made for yourself! Since that have you been making more decisions for you rather than to satisfy others' expectations?
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I have, especially as I've had a few career decisions to make, and I've learned to trust myself
Setting boundaries and becoming assertive. This helped me not feel guilty for saying no to people, staying off social media and cutting out people who were negative etc. If you are interested in the topic I recommend 'Set boundaries: find peace' by Nedra Glover.
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Love this! Do you remember when you said no for the first time for something you'd have normally agreed to? And what was it (if you're comfortable sharing)Thanks for sharing the book!
Re first time: Let me do some thinking. I want to say it was saying no to the wrong career path, and switching into tech after that.
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When my mom died. My husband had also passed away (and I have a daughter), but honestly my mom dying was the 'I'm on my own" wake-up call. In fact, I now view anyone whose parents are still alive and functional as not fully adult. Apologies to anyone I offend.
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Wow, that sounds like an incredibly challenging time - I can't even imagine going through two such huge losses in the same time period. Also, definitely not offended at all by your view - I'm still fortunate enough to have my parents around, and it is always great to go and see them and be taken care of and get a little break from full-time "adulting," although as they age, we're doing a bit more of the taking care of them.
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I can't pinpoint the exact moment; however, I felt like I reached peak adulthood when I turned 26, had to sort out my own health insurance and call the company to ask them to explain all the vocabulary and concepts to me! I took notes and felt so on-top of life; however, I was shook by how chaotic and ridiculous health insurance is in America. I feel that it is far worse then paying taxes.
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Yeah, it's a clown show...