Negotiating with your current employer

I was looking at the amazing Salary Database on Elpha and was amazed to see that most people haven't tried to negotiate a salary increase.

In my experience, the best way to negotiate with your employer is to show them the value you have been bringing to them and that you COULD bring to a new employer. We do that for our clients by creating a resume that shows all of that.

It's also important to remember that negotiating your compensation doesn't always mean money. Budgets might be tight but you can negotiate extra days off, or work from home, or bring your dog to the office!

Be creative! If they don't find a way to show appreciation for the amazing purple squirrel they have, there are always recruiters looking for one! You will have the perfect resume for them.

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Totally agree. Having an updated resume is key for understanding and positioning the value you are bringing to your current role, and for understanding the market.