How do you spend weekends? What are your favorite ways to recharge?

I guess that it can depend so much on the season and period in life... but would still be great to hear and exchange some ideas and motivation :)

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My go-to is getting away from the city and into some nature. I turn off any phone notifications so I can "disconnect" and always bring a book just in case a find a good spot to relax and read. I live near a few waterways so I'll bring my dog and she can play in the water while I chill nearby. I also like to do guided tours so it's something I don't have to plan; I just show up and enjoy.
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oh nature is such a great way to recharge, and so are dogs :)) what kind of dog do you have? and close to what waterways do you live? I love hearing about what beautiful things exist near other people's home-places, it is always so inspiring to see diversity of our environments :)
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I’m in near Sacramento, California. Lots of rivers, creeks, and trails within a 45 minute drive. My dog is a cattledog mix. Lots of energy for outdoor adventure lol
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I like to spend Saturday and Sunday mornings reading or on hobbies. My husband and I usually have a leisurely brunch one of the days.
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sounds very relaxing :) what are your hobbies? and do you do brunch at home or go out?
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I like to spend my weekends recharging from the week before. I spend time with loved ones and try to get out and be active. Additionally, as a student I spend a good amount of time on homework, but try to incorporate breaks into my study time so the weekend can still feel a bit like a break.
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what do you do to "get out and be active"? sounds like hiking, or? :)
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I love going on hikes during the summer! During the winter any type of run or walk for fresh air is nice!
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I'm in grad school part-time so my weekends are spent studying and working on assignments/projects. I never really recharge, so Monday morning rolls around and ... yeah. I graduate in June ... can't come soon enough.
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I hope you at least find some mini-ways to recharge regularly <3 :)
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doing things that genuinely give me joy and that I have FUN doing! for me that's social dancing, playing tennis/sports outside when it's sunny...or more recently sailing :)
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oooh wonderful that you get to sail near home :) where do you live? how is sailing there? I live in Croatia and sailing is spectacular here (a lot of beautiful islands near by eachother, and usually quite good weather, no big waves, but always a bit of wind) - however, I live 1.5h from the nearest seaside place and weekend sailing is not easy to organise :/ so I usually end up doing it once-twice per year for a week or so....So am a bit jealous that you can do it at weekends too :)))))
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Hi Mirna, for me the best recharge is always to go to the nature and disconnect.I usually go hiking, or in winter skiing, snowshoeing. In general even going to smaller town for a walk recharges me well.If I'm not in the great outdoors, I start the day slow, Reading paper book while having tea. And making time for some yoga practice.
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I am notoriously terrible at having an 'off switch' - I just spent the weekend preparing my tax documents to have my tax advisor and preparer do for me and my SO. As a former CPA I always did them myself - this year I am handing over the control to someone else!I try to spend at least 90 mins + outside each day of the weekend, preferably a physical activity. I also try to carve out time for therapy practices like meditation, visualization, and journaling. I still find myself thinking / strategizing about work or more recently thinking about my next career moves - at least I try to do this when I am out walking or hiking, haha! Looking to planning more mini-escapes like weekends out of town exploring somewhere new even if its a day trip or a single overnight.How do you all TURN OFF your brains?!!?
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hihi for turning the brain off, for me two strategies work: or tire it out with (long and intense) physical activity, or find it a "bait" to redirect it to (meaning, engaging it with something that is immersive and interesting enough to keep it focused, while light and not stretching it too much - an example again being sports but ones where I need a bit more focus on skill, creating something eg creative writing, reading a book, having a meaningful conversations about topic that is provoking me to think a bit more actively etc). While I hope sharing my "go-to" ways to switch off the brains might give you at least a small new idea, I would say - in the end, the question is what works for you, and the best way to learn that is to ask "when did I turn off my brain, and it worked wonderfully?" hihi and learn from your own "successful" example :)))) Having that said, when I keep going back to thinking about work, usually it means that my pace is a bit too high over the past weeks, and my brain too used to that high pace... so a solution is also to create more off "empty space" during the week, or plan a big longer vacation. But I guess that might be individual tendency, I guess it can also just mean that you brain "freed by nature" got in creative problem solving mode and is throwing career-ideas at you :D
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I go for morning walk or jog for at least half an hour after dropping my son to school. The morning sun is a blessing and the parks fresh green grass cools the eyes. On weekends , I go hiking with family or play tennis.
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I like to think of my weekend as a reset instead of a recharge! If I'm looking for 2 days to recharge after 5 days; it may be a signal to say something is wrong in the 5 days (maybe it's a 1-off tight deadline but what if we're stretching ourselves too thin!). My go-to on the weekend is fresh-air; whether it be a hike, leaving the city to catch coffee and breakfast in another smaller city. Something outside and in the sun to soak up vitamin D! The other absolute must is a workout; having a good sweat clears out the body and the mind. It pumps up the endorphins and has you feeling like you can accomplish anything coming ahead!
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:) interesting point of view, thanks for sharing :) I am thinking recharge/reset thing might be a bit matter of personal terminology? But it's also great to take it as interesting food for thoughts :)
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In the summer months, I love getting out in my camper van. I struggle in the winter in New England with seasonal affective disorder and wanting to just lie under a blanket and not move. Like all of us, I am a work in progress...