Supercharge your Career Growth for 2023

Today I’m going to talk about feelings, thoughts and not giving up on yourself.

You see, I was going to talk about things you should STOP doing in your career.

And then yesterday was again another teachable moment for myself. 

Which is an example of what you should NOT do in your career. 

That is to avoid dealing with issues that you can tolerate and then wonder why you’re not getting the results you desire.

I have been tolerating two things, the first is my laptop is out of disk space/memory and making it harder to use. The second is not getting a new ring light after the one I had broke a while back. 

Yesterday I had a goal to make a video for this post. 

And so I wrote a script to give me pointers on what I was going to say. 

I loaded up the recording software and started to get into my stride. Getting into my stride was not forthcoming and I was getting a little frustrated. 

Then my feelings started to become “FACTS” about fears I have for my event and things that are not actually TRUE. 

They were just doom and gloom worst case projections of what could happen.

And I felt like I was getting into a spiral of a bad few hours becoming a FALSE projection of my worst case projections about my event and the whole day. I’m sure you can relate.

I’m calling myself out on it, so that I am holding myself accountable to do what I know needs to be done to improve the video experience and my productivity with my laptop. I also know what I need to do to make my laptop function better and that is to organise my files, delete and store files I’m not using off my laptop. 

You may also be tolerating things in your career like letting other people claim the credit for your work, not speaking up in meetings when you have something to say, not enforcing your professional boundaries and being invisible to your company and externally on professional networks. 

The lesson of this post, is allowing something to exist for which you could change needs you, and I to be honest with ourselves when deciding what we are interested or committed to doing. 

Tomorrow is a new day, when I get to go again, decide to do the things that serve me.

And finally, you bet there’s a link to Supercharging your Success for Career Growth, and it is this: growth isn’t about perfection, it’s about self-awareness, it’s about making decisions, it’s about commitment, and it’s about adopting a mindset that serves you in the good and challenging times. 

Check out the video and if you’re a senior professional woman, get in touch to register for your free seat.

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P.S. Since this is a tech community, does anyone have any ring light suggestions? I'm looking to get a new one! Thanks!