[Feedback] What’s the myth that has held you back in your career progression?

So far, I’ve discussed 7 myths that have held me back. Which ones have had the most negative impact on your career progression?

[Myth #1] Women don’t help other women

[Myth #2] If I do a great job, I’ll get promoted

[Myth #3] If I minimize my work, I’ll be more likeable and get promoted

[Myth #4] Everybody knows I want to be promoted

[Myth #5] If I go after a promotion, I may let other people down

[Myth #6] If I get a promotion, I’ll have to deliver twice the work

[Myth #7] Only my individual contribution counts towards a promotion

Which one am I missing?

Thanks for sharing your experience!

Hi Patricia! Two I would add are, "I have to say yes to everything in order to get promoted." While this *may* have helped me to get promoted, it also ensured that I felt burnt out after getting a promotion and wasn't able to show up as my best self. The other is, "If I leave this position, people will feel let down." Some of my biggest career jumps have happened by leaving a team or company, but I often felt scared to leave because I felt like I would be letting the team/company down. In reality, everyone was fine and supportive of my decision.
I love them @summerlindman! Especially the first one - "I have to say yes to everything in order to get promoted" - resonates with my younger self. Of course, it came as a shock that after saying yes to everything - and borderline burnt out like you - I didn't get promoted... The second shock came when I realized that a selective no was much more powerful: More respect, better life-work balance, and more interesting work.Thanks for reminding me of them. I'll add them to the list!
@PatriciaGestoso Yes, I completely agree! A selective no is so much more powerful.
If I leave the team will fall apartmy manager is the main person whose opinion of my work mattersquality will be recognized/rewarded over sparkleI don't have time for that internal projectnobody else can do this as well as meI don't have time to train someone else to do this part (and they won't be as good for years even if I did)
Great list Dalia83! I love "nobody else can do this as well as me" and "I don't have time to train someone else to do this part (and they won't be as good for years even if I did)" - I can see my past self too. To be fair, I think that part of it was attributable to the company culture at the time: Making people think that they need to hoard their skills because if they are not indispensable, they'll be laid off.Thanks so much for your contribution!
"If I leave too soon, no one will hire me"
Wow, thanks for uncovering that one, @AlysaTurner. That one kept me working for an abusive boss for 18 months. I learned that mental health is priceless.Thanks for your feedback!
@PatriciaGestoso could you please expand on Myth #2?
Sure @claireweiller. Doing impactful job that deserves a promotion is not enough to get promoted. That’s a sad truth that I discovered and confirmed over and over throughout my career and from a lot of people that I’ve mentored, coached, and sponsored.There are multiple reasons for that. Some of them are:- Others may not be aware of your work.- They may be aware but not understand what it takes to deliver those results.- They may know it but don’t remember it at the promotion time.- Only your manager knows about your achievements.- You deliver great value on key initiatives that are perceived as “one-off”. That is, the value doesn’t fit the “typical” checkboxes for promotion.- Your work has reset the baseline of what people expect from you: You consistently deliver fantastic work, so by doing so in each project, you’re perceived as not doing anything “extraordinary” worth a promotion.- You are perceived as a “commodity” worker: The business believes you won’t leave.And there are many more.Where to begin? Two actions you can start implementing right now to visibilise your great work:1.- Record your wins 2.- Socialize your winsYou can see the full post here that myth resonate with you?
What else makes up a 'commodity' worker? I have never heard that phrase before but I also think it might describe me? lol
I'm curious about - How do you define commodity worker- What makes you a commodity workerI look forward to reading your reply!