Founder Fundraising Happy Hour Tonight 5-6pm PT!

Hi Ladies! Biting my nails watching the ballots get counted reminds me a lot of the fundraising roller coaster for pre-seed and seed founders while running our companies... LOL, cry cry, LOL ;-)There have been many posts this month around sharing warm intros, fundraising questions and pre-VC funding options post COVID. You don't have to raise alone. Network, share tips from founders who are actually getting investments in NOW! 100% focus on Fundraising together @Tonight's happy hour is 5-6pm PT and FREE to attend.We must come together to help each other succeed. I send good vibes and hope to see some of you there this evening:-)So grateful to you everyone​ for supporting all our shared success and paving the way for female and non-binary founders with us!RSVP HERE: