Is a career change possible after 40?

I’ve been thinking the same thing as I’ll be 40 soon and want to pursue work in video production and photography. It’s intimidating seeing the field dominated by so many folks who in their 20s or are fresh out of school. At times I feel overwhelmed because I don’t have the means or the capacity to go back to school and get a degree in video production. I already have a Master’s and that was a ton of work.The one thing I have to remind myself is not to compare my journey to someone else’s. When I think back to my career, I realize that video production didn’t exist in the way it does now. There wasn’t a degree for it at my school. Instead I studied technical theatre and worked backstage on productions.Even if I had pursued a similar degree like filmmaking, I graduated when the Great Recession started. Working as a theatre technician during that time was extremely challenging and it would’ve been even harder as a filmmaker.I’ve also come to see that working backstage has prepared me well as a future producer. To further my skills I’ve been signing up for photo and video classes on the weekends and joining groups on Facebook. I’ve also signed up for associations’ newsletters so I can join free, upcoming networking events.I’ve seen lots of people at different stages of life making career changes and the more folks I talk to I see that it’s possible. That’s what keeps me going. Hope this can help you find your spark and motivation too! I’ve changed careers a few times and know how much work it can be.
Thank you for sharing, Brooke! You are absolutely right, you cannot compare yourself to anyone else's because we just don't know anything about their journey!The truth is some company/people will actually really value your experience (both personal and professional). It's worth sticking to this and learning as you to better understand what companies are looking for in terms of skills, style etc. You won't be a fit for everything and that's okay/normal but there are people out there who will appreciate you for what you bring to the table! Keep working hard on this goal
Thank you for the encouragement. It’s a lot of work to make any kind of change but I feel that I’ll find something more rewarding.
Totally! Anything that’s worth doing will be extra difficult - so it is good omen actually!