What's your score? Mine was low so guess what that means?

Mine was 9, so I guess I'm satisfied with work right now!
that's incredible, Kaitlin! what is it you like the most about your role? I'm sure you can inspire a few here :)
Thank you! I'm happy to share. I like that I get to choose my own schedule and hours, work with companies/people that I like, and do what I enjoy doing (writing!).
Nice! I wish I was a 9 :(
7.86 and I know why and can fix it! :D this was superb!
Great to hear!
3 - not a huge surprise but loved this! Will be using to help me on the job hunt.
it's great to hear you weren't too surprised. If I may ask what aspects brought your score down the most and what would you like to optimise in your next opportunity?
Everything HA. Salary and growth plan are probably the driving forces though - my salary isn’t great and I don’t think it’s great across the team (based on a search of previous job postings #nonprofit).So because the salary sitch isn’t great, I don’t see much growth potential for me.