Pros and Cons of the 4 Day Work Week

Do you agree?

The only con is "It's not for everyone" which is fair,"It's true - not everyone loves a shorter workweek. As studies has shown, the days are more intense - and some people prefer a slower paced, more relaxed 5 day week to get their work done."When employers realize their white collar work isn't that important, people will be able to be relaxed in a 4-day work week. "We can push this to the beginning of next week" is possible. You don't really need a report about some numbers that don't pad your bank account immediately.
I agree with the 4 day work week. I did a debate about it in college and did a LOT of research. It increases productivity and well-being. The only industries which don't benefit are hospitality, manufacturing, and wellness that need to be staffed everyday, but they could still do a rotating schedule so no one works more than 4 days a week (or 32 hours). What are your thoughts?
I do think if employers consider flexibility, even those industries can work. Restaraunts often need to be staffed everyday, but people aren't working 8 hours a day 5 days a week, they're probably working 10 hours 4 days, including some weekends.
I'd need to hear from someone who actually has a more traditional 9-5 / work for an employer. Self-employed folks will tell you that they probably work 7 days a week but those days are organised exactly like they want ie. if they want to go on a hike between 3-5 they will knowing that they'll need to make up for this time somewhere else.
I would absolutely back this. As a working mom of 2 little kids that 1 extra day makes a world of difference in every way. Also, agree with the premise of being more productive with the compacted schedule. If you know you're "short" a day, you're more conscious and intentional about how you spend those 32 hours.