On a mission to make entrepreneurship easier and more understandable for everyone who wants to found a company.Join my next FREE speed coaching call built a $50 million business and sold it to a public company.With 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur myself, I’ve founded and cofounded multiple startups that generated a combined revenue of over $300 million.I’ve hired thousands of people.Now, I help entrepreneurs and start, scale, and sell their businesses the right way for them.My storySitting in an executive leadership meeting led by a business coach, I got curious about his experience and qualifications. While he was good, I wondered how well he related to our company’s challenges. With his minimal practical experience, I wondered, “Had he ever actually walked in the founders’ shoes?”After that encounter, I searched for startup coaches who’d actually started, scaled, and sold businesses. I found a lot of coaches, but very few with the tenure that matched my experience in building companies from scratch, succeeding, and exiting (and sometimes falling flat on my face…ow!).I wondered why I would invest in a startup coach who has never labored over their own pitch deck, sweated in front of investors, hired, fired, stayed up all night to solve a problem, felt the highest highs of success, gotten blown down by the lowest of lows, and got up and did it again.That’s when I realized that entrepreneurs needed a place where they could get experience-based coaching, to learn about tried and tested tools, to help them see their blind spots and to sometimes simply listen.Consider me your secret weapon for your entrepreneurial journey.
What a great offer! Thanks, Diane!
Absolutely! Thanks for your comment Tanmayi!