What's your experience with co-living communities?

Hi all!I'm considering being a digital nomad for a bit next year and wanted to get people's opinions. Has anyone here tried out a co living community? How was your experience? Where was the community you tried out? Would you recommend?
A friend lived in an Atlanta co-living community for a couple of years. He found that there was a great disparity in how renters were treated as compared to homeowners, and he did not like being a second-class resident.
Exciting! I've been traveling while working for the last 3 years and although I haven't tried any coliving communities, I founded and built Behere ( for people to have a better foundation while traveling and working. I'm happy to answer any questions you have about being it or working while traveling. One thing I will say about traveling and working is that for myself, having personal space and staying in one location for at least a month is absolutely necessary for my health, sanity and productivity. Everyone likes to move at their own pace so it's really best to decide what is most important for you when you start your journey (ie. personal space, location in the city, meeting people, coworking space separate from home, making new connections etc). Hope that's helpful! :)