With the valuation of $2 Trillion, Is apple raising the bars for its competitors.

Are the other companies riddled by bad bets, indifference, and a lack of vision?Apple is moving to a degree that we haven't seen before.- iPhone - Apple saw the largest sales share last quarter, and that too during the pandemic.- Ipad - Although it been 10 years old it's exceeding 300 million users.- Mac - It's adding 10 million new users per year.- Apple Watch and AirPods - it's approaching 100 million users.Apple's installed base reached 2 billion users recently. Source: Above AvalonSo what can be the apple strategy that makes it different "If someone enters the apple ecosystem, stays in that ecosystem."If you look closer into the Apple ecosystem, customers are satisfied and loyal towards it and relation goes even much deeper. Because when it comes to Apple. People don't look at features, they look at Apple the Brand and power of that Half-eaten Apple logo.Apple challenges the status quo and they do that by making beautiful products that are simple to use and user-friendly.