Do this now - Dec. '22 Job hunting!

If you're job hunting in December 2022, you NEED to adjust your strategy and do these things right now.

1. Let your network on Linkedin know you're job hunting by creating a post introducing them to your work and your background. (Two Examples Shown)

Companies are interviewing this week - only; so hold off on applying and instead just work your network. If you haven't made a LinkedIn post letting your network know you're on the market now is the time.

There are so many other job seekers doing this - the market is flooded with folks that have been laid off. You won't look desperate doing this; no one will judge you. You'd be surprised who will repost your post or silently forward it around to their network.

2. Schedule around 4-6 calls/genuine meet-ups a week with folks from your network and ask them to:

  • Share with you any recruiting agencies they've used in the past and worked well with
  • Share the recruiter names/handles on LinkedIn so you can actually connect with them there.
  • Look back at the companies they've worked for in the past; if you'd like to send a resume over, then ask that contact to put you in contact with an HR person there; or try to remember the name of that HR person so that you can introduce yourself to them on your own via Linkedin using your friends' name.
  • Ask them for the Founder or Hiring Manager / Team Lead names at the companies you'll apply to if they've previously worked there. If they agree; ask them to craft an intro email with you both or allow you to drop their name in a separate intro on your own.

The power of having someone introduce you or even you just reaching out and 'name dropping' that contact is invaluable. Recruiters will respond to that - even if they have nothing in the pipe for you right now.

3. Release Expectation!

I've never seen a job market like this one before - never.

I had clients in the past apply and then send notes over to 2-3 recruiters at that company and immediately get interview requests; that isn't quite working anymore - so honestly, we have no idea where your next role will come from.

Its all a little bit of a shot in the dark; so if you knew without a shadow of a doubt that you WILL get an aligned offer at a company you're proud of; with a salary you truly deserve, then you'd release worry and wouldn't put too much onus on each individual action.

Sorry here, but I really recommend just releasing the 'worry' feeling each time it pops up. I know how difficult it can be but we're all doing the best we can right now; so just lean into that being the reason you'll land the role that's meant for you.

4. Choose Joy!

Super tough but lean into going to bed with and listening to meditations on youtube/spotify etc. Deliberately watch comedies and do things to activate that happiness as you navigate this stage.

5. Be MORE selective with the resumes you are sending out and the positions you're applying to.

Once we hit January; scale back and ONLY apply to roles that light. You. Up.

That means 2-3 applications per week where you hit it from all angles, who do you know working there? Which recruiter is hiring for that specific team? Can you find the hiring manager on LinkedIn? Can you craft really well made messages to each, a highly specific and relevant cover letter, can you edit your resume specifically for that role?

Try to only apply after you've been able to identify at least 4 people at the organization you can connect with and either ask to act as a referral or forward your information along. Get creative here!

6. Edit your resume for EVERY SINGLE ROLE.


👉 I'm happy to answer ANY questions/thoughts/pushback in the comments, via dm or on LinkedIn.

Good luck!