10 week {soul-aligned} Job Search Package for Empaths or Tech/Tech Adjacent job seekers!

I typically don't post here on Elpha (will do more!) but I thought I would share my job search program starting next week in the event that anyone is having difficulties and would like to take a more holistic - soul alignment - approach.

I'm an ex-Head of Recruitment that's interviewed thousands of candidates for companies like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Amazon, and Sony, tech startups.

My clients have landed at Google, various investment banks, DoorDash and Pinterest. ...and now my team and I are now enrolling for our Six-Figure Catalyst job search program.

The SFC is a 10-week program focused on empath, tech, and tech adjacent and highly sensitive job seekers that haven't been able to hit the 6-fig. mark in their base salary yet!

They are ready to find a new role using soul work aka....shadow work, deep introspection, Kundalini meditations, and a quantum leap session or two.

We start next week, on October 6th. If you're interested you can learn more about the program here. And book a call asap.

I am providing a (25%) discount for my Elpha fam. Just let me know in the application you found the post here.

Good luck ladies!!Apply and learn more here:

I am working with Steph as I aim to level up my engineering career + entrepreneurship and so highly recommend this! As a proscrastinator and introvert, her support always helps me get out of my own way 🤎