What Are Your Resolutions for 2021?

Hello Elphas!I'd love to hear about everyone's 2021 goals. Do you do resolutions? Did you decide to switch it up this year? How do you track your performance (I know we've got some good project trackers in the bunch here).I recently downloaded the Done app, which is a super simple application for tracking daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. I use this as supplement to my traditional notebook. I feel the additional pressure of data-driven goal tracking -- I don't want to see my EOY report with missed goals.Some of my goals are:* Incorporating more meat-free days into my week* Reading 50 books by EOY* Waking up at 5am to workout (I'm already a week behind on this one...) but inspired by the 5am Club: in hearing everyone's goals! I'm also relaunching my newsletter on health/wellness snippets @ substack this Monday. Let's get this SH*$T 2021.
I do love a good NY resolution! Mine is to try to approach each conversation/situation with an attitude of learning. I'm trying to have the mindset that there is something to learn from each person, each person is an expert in something. What books are you starting out with?
That's awesome. Right now I'm working through Traction by Gino Wickman & Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell. The Libby and Hoopla apps have been great for accessing library books via ebook and audio.
There's a separate thread that's related to this topic:'m also looking to join the 5AM club but fallen off track recently! Longest streak I've managed is 2 weeks. It's tough balancing that and being disciplined / having flexibility to sleep enough to wake up feeling energized instead of exhausted. Have you read the 5AM club? Is it any good? Some reviews say could be summarized into a 5 page document so I've put it on the backburner. Interested to hear tips on how it's going for you!
Thanks for sharing that link, I hadn’t seen the post yet! I’ve heard the same thing regarding the book actually so I’m basing it off of the notes/summaries I’ve seen online. I think some of these big personal dev books could really be summed up by a blog post vs. full fledged book, esp the gimmicky ones. You Are a Badass and Unf$&k Yourself come to mind 🤷‍♀️
I personally don't do resolutions, I do set goals though for myself which I had mentioned on a separate thread- Program roadmap for my company by end of Q1 and I complete all my process documents (I am so pleased to say that this has been completed as of last night)On the personal front: definitely health related (both mental and physical) - continuing on my workout regimen, pretty pleased about it, and going to all my health checkups :)
Congrats! Do you use any particular system or platform for tracking your goals? Personal or professional
Nope - I'm very minimal when it comes to these. I write what I need to accomplish on my Gcal, however things like exercising are already part of my routine so it's the same as saying "have a glass of water"
As a goal-coach, I want so badly to ask you about these goals. The fact that you're already behind speaks to the traditional ways we (as a culture) tend to look at setting goals and how 93% of us will give them up by month's end. I want to show you a different way to look at them. Wish I had a blog post to point you to on that but I do have a website that speaks to aligning our goals to the values we want to live, setting realistic (and sometimes impossible) goals, and working on the mindset to drive their success. Science has proven that willpower will not get us across the finish line. We have to work on the fuel that drives our motivation - our thoughts and feelings. Feel free to reach out to discuss more but I do have a course that might be helpful:
Thank you for sharing!
I’m working on less food waste! My household honestly has no excuse. My dog would happily volunteer to help but for real, I need to work on planning things out better.
Yes! That’s a great one. I’m in the same boat. I’ve found myself freezing more things that are on the cusp of going bad, like fruit and veggie scraps to reuse for smoothies. I hate that a lot of delicious healthy things are so perishable (rip last week’s arugula).
Yes! Freezing fruits and veg are great for smoothies because the texture is then no longer an issue. Totally works for salad greens too! Love arugula as well but I still haven’t worked out how to ‘give them second life.’ Any tips from fellow Elphas greatly appreciated!
I want to work on myself this year with the following resolution. 1. Acceptance of things/people with what they are. Especially, accept what is not under my control.2. Remove Short-tempered3. Increase politeness4. Walk 30 min every single day. 5. Learn to prioritize things 6. Take my parents to visit any foreign country7. Stay 6 night in a 500-year-old house in himalya8. Make business and achieve the first milestone for my startup9. Get merry to my love.
Happy New Year @lsheehy! I am anti resolutions and as a matter of fact I listened to this podcast earlier and I love this outlook !