Idea for a Startup/Product

I have this crazy idea for a software application, I do not know where to begin...I have a background in technical training and l and d. ..

Ideas? Books to read? Where can I get funding?

Before you even start working on that I would check if people are going to want to pay for it. You can try to research if somebody had a similar app to see number of downloads and their pricing plan. If you are be able to find a person who made that app you may find them on social media and ask how profitable it occurred to be.
Couldn't agree more with @kateshastakova! One thing I've noticed with people who have very strong technical skills is that they are inclined to build right way (and that's BRILLIANT) without doing background knowledge on whether this solution is even needed (it might seem like it at first but besides needing will be needing it so bad that they will keep coming back at it and eventually pay)
Thanks all! Yeah I don't think I have seen anything that really aligns to this niche of an app, its kinda a hybrid app for specific end users in a specific field that doesn't have anything yet. So I guess, it'd be hard to research it but I can research the tools in other fields for now.