Podcast with practical, science-based tips on wellbeing, resilience, motivation

This March Happiness Academy podcast is celebrating it's 1st birthday 🎂

In the podcast, I am sharing tools and tips from positive psychology, in short, practical, science-based 20min episodes.

So how about we talk about the most interesting episodes?

Here are 3 episodes that are my favorites that I would recommend to check out:

💡 Episode 13: Living with Zest: 5 Ways to Life with More Vitality, Energy and Passion

💡 Episode 17: The 4 Keys to Results & Personal Growth: Discover 4 Key Elements to Unlock Achievement and Progress

💡 Episode 22: Courage Unleashed: 5 Specific Steps to Live a More Courageous Life

Here are 3 are favorites according to most views/listeners:

💡 Episode 1: Live a More Mindful & Present Life with These 3 Practical, Science-Based Tools

💡 Episode 15: The Vipassana Experience:How the Reality of 10 Days Silent Vipassana Retreat Looks Like

💡 Episode 27: Protect Your Priorities: How to Safeguard Your Life Vision From Distractions & Obstacles

You can discover all of them (and many more :)) on the Channel links:

🎙️ Youtube channel and a playlist of videos:

🎙️ Anchor channel -

🎙️ Spotify channel -

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Have you been listening to any of the episodes?

If so, I would love to hear your thoughts - your favorites, what did you like about it, but especially what topics and questions would you like me to record next.

Let me know in here, or in a 1:1 message, email, Linkedin - anything works, and I am really curious to hear.

Can't wait to listen! Thank you for sharing!
thank you for the enthusiasm <3 :) and super happy to connect and hear your thoughts, feedback, ideas and wishes for future topics :)