Hi everyone, this is a broader group to the Solo Founders community, aimed at opening up conversation among startup founders and early team members who are looking to gain feedback on a challenge that they are facing or recommendation. Topics can include: hiring / firing employees, pivots, recommendations about services (and when to look for a lawyer, accountant, etc.), garnering feedback from customers, or whatever else you come across in your startup venture. Please feel free to share other similar or more focused resources or communities. Let's make sure that people get connected with the information and resources they need as early as possible, so that they can achieve great things even quicker!
I’m a consultant currently looking for one new (part-time, remote) early-stage startup client that needs help with initial managerial/operational and business/marketing strategy development. If there’s a founder in this group in that situation, I’d love to talk with you to see if we might be a fit to work together!