Ladies, Engineering Hiring Managers,

Informanion Systems, college senior here.

I got so much different feedback on my resume/ hiring process that it got me all confused.

Before coming to college I have been working as account manager at the insurance brokerage , analyst at T-Mobile , then SWE intern.

Some advising to delete entire previous non-technical work history as it is irrelevant and makes the resume much less technical.

I am currently looking for Spring/Summer 2022 SWE internship,

If anybody willing to gift 15- 30 min of their time to consult me on the proper way to proceed/ review my resume I would greatly appreciate that.

Thank you


Hi Anna, I’d love to connect and support you. I offer a call to support people on their transition into the tech space. Feel free to DM me and we can setup a time to chat. You can also choose time here:
I love that you're taking charge of your path so early in the process! way to go!If you aren't already definitely leverage your resources at school: your career management center, your professors and peers in the compsci department etc.
Hi! If you're thinking about a certain career direction but you're not sure yet, I'd consider:a) Ensure you feel 100% about the change, ie you understand the role/industry deeply and feel confident it is a fit for you; if not, pursue career exploration until you feel certainb) Once you feel certain, leverage networking as a means of understanding the day to day but also the realistic pathways and nuances as to how people break inc) This will inform your next steps, whether there is a "step a" to take before "step b" (ie do you need to start in one role in order to move into the role you want?), and/or whether its worth it to pursue upskilling opportunities/further education, etc.d) Then you'll be ready to refresh your personal branding materials and pursue job searching to forge into the path you want.Let me know if you'd like to chat further and get help with these steps! Best, Rachel, Career Exploration Coach ( (I offer a free career coaching call here --