Multiple Final Round Interviews, No Offers - Early Career Pivot

I've had several interviews with tech companies for Customer Support Program Specialist and Customer Success Associate roles. I've made it to final interviews and "passed" the skill assessments, but I never get an offer. It is extremely frustrating to spend all the time interviewing to be told "Other candidates had a closer fit for the experience we are looking for"...

I have a background in sales and retention (contact center/insurance), administrative skills (financial services/real estate), and operations (e-commerce startup). My educational background is a BA in Business Administration, Applied Business Data Analytics certification, and I just applied to test for my CAPM.

Sometimes I think maybe my answers to questions are too simple, but at the same time I am applying to entry level positions...should I be more technical?

I am early in my career, but I am passionate about supporting customers and closing the gap between customer and product, providing "customer service" in a consultative manner, and simply helping people.

I'm not sure what I need to give me the edge to get an offer. Any and all advice is appreciated!

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Often when folks get all the way through the interview process but don't close the deal, it likely has to do with the hiring team not being convinced enough that you can solve their problems. I suggest focusing on sharpening your interview narrative and responses, particularly in late-stage interviews. If you have a hunch that your answers are too simple, get more specific in your examples and stories. Keep at it! 🙌🏽
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Although I'm not a hiring manager, I have been on final interview loops for a variety of roles in the past, and I do look for specificity in responses to questions. If the interviewee is being vague or not giving a lot of detail, I begin to wonder if they have a command of the subject matter or aren't giving me the full story (sometimes candidates explain they can't provide more info because of a non-disclosure agreement, which I understand). Going into as much specifics as you can could be helpful. If your university has career services for alumni, they may be able to provide you mock interviews and feedback, or if you know any alumni who are in a similar role to you (or who is more senior but in the same type of function), you may be able to reach out and ask for advice. This sounds super frustrating and discouraging, so I'm wishing you the best of luck on your search!