End-of-the-year challenge. Are you in?

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This is great Hannah - and spark an idea, how about we all challenge ourselves in ways that work for us e.g for you it may be reconnecting with old relationships? Others may be to workout at least 4x a week, or cook dinner art least 4 nights a week (if you are not really the cooking type)? And this is the accountability thread hehe!
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Great idea! I like that.. the Accountability thread. Whatever speaks to you or resonates with you. I can edit my post :)Since you're first to respond.. what's yours??
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Yes Accountability thread we all need an accountability partner/buddy from time to time! :)Hm good question actually I am the kind of person who sets herself larger goals and likes to have multiple ways to get there instead of fixed weekly KPIs ... it works for most situations but for these types of challenges I have a hard time defining those key metrics. eg on January 1 I had set the goal to increase my net worth by a certain % - and I knew at a high level what I needed to do to get there so I am on track to meet my goal but while I did have some sort of consistency I took a number of initiatives to get there...I have to think about this one :) let me come back to you! In the meantime let me see what others say it might inspire me??