looking for support to set up lead generation in linkedin

Hi folks!

One kind person that I know recommended me to join this community to be surrounded by like-minded people on my way to achieving my goal. So, with hope in mind, I decided to give it a try :)

My name is Daria, and I am a UX expert. I recently started a UX Research company and am currently in the process of setting up sales processes, which is quite new to me. My primary focus is on generating leads through LinkedIn. With this in mind, I am working on optimizing my page, defining the headline, deciding what will go into the "about" and "featured" sections, defining strategy for the next steps etc.

At this point, I would like to find someone who is experienced in marketing and sales to take a look at the texts I am planning to use for my profile. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to make them more effective for lead generation. In exchange, I would be happy to consult you on the UX of your product/business.

Thank you in advance!

hi @dariakosheleva I follow a lot of the leading UX Research influencers on LinkedIn. I would be happy to take a look at the texts you plan to use. I am on the consumer side so I have a "woman on the street" perspective as to what resonates as far as content. I also see what repels me and others on LinkedIn. Feel free to reach out if my perspective would have value for you. Cheers Akilah
Hi Akilah! thanks for your comment - I just found this! It would be great if you could give a look at the texts! I sent you dm. hope to hear back from you soon! thx!!!
Hi Daria! it is so nice to meet you thank you for joining us here! I am not sure if this could be a fit but throwing it here - @AshleeSang had offered a few days back to give feedback on bios, perhaps there's synergy
Hi Iynna!!! Nice to meet you too!!! and thank you for sharing a post of Ashlee with me! I looks like I notice your msg a bit late (in the post Ashlee is asking to submit materials within 23 May....), but I will reach her out anyway and see if she is still open to providing feedback. thx!!!
Sorry I missed this chain! Yes, I'm hosting this audit event (or something like it) every month for the foreseeable future. Here's June's (which is a little different--this time with a web designer co-host!): could also chat about your profile 1:1, and/or I can refer you to 2 LinkedIn experts I know. Feel free to book some time to chat:
Thanks so much for the shoutout! Sorry I missed this!
I don't know if you're still looking for help, but this falls under what I do for businesses/for a living. As a fellow elpha, I'm happy to take a look and give you some free advice (I can promise it will be worth every penny lol ;) ) .