SUNDAY, Feb 27 @ 10am PT - Join Startups for All in exploring new ways of gathering in a Twitter Space experiment!

📅 🧪 🪑 Curious about new ways of gathering? About new ways of connecting through self-generating agendas, serendipitous moments and transformative conversations? Join myself and a diverse group of founders, practitioners, and entrepreneurs to explore new ways of gathering using Open Space Technology, a self-organizing format that follows these four core principles and one law:

* Whoever comes are the right people.

* Wherever it happens is the right place.

* Whatever happens is the only thing that could have. [Prepare to be surprised!]

* Whenever it starts is the right time.

* Whenever it’s over, it’s over.

** If you find yourself where you can’t learn or contribute, move yourself to a place where you can.


This is the first event of a monthly lab series called, Chairs for Conversations, hosted by Startups for All, an online incubator for purpose-driven founders, knowledge workers, and social entrepreneurs.

For this weekend's session, we will hold space using Twitter Space, a true "open to all" experience!

RSVP below to get updates and/or follow me on Twitter for details => @SusanLiao2030.

This format supports:- Listening via audio and live captioning on Twitter for desktop- Speaking, tweeting and "creating & holding space" via Twitter mobile appPrepare to be surprised! #Chairs4Cs #OpenSpace