Get Pregnant By Eliminating Stress About Getting Pregnant

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@meghangieber congratulations on leading a great work!And I totally agree with anon. While being pregnant is not top of my list at this time, if I were to experience any challenges around fertility and such, my go to would be a doctor, it would be great to know where you fit in!
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First, I'd like to acknowledge that more conversation and support around (in)fertility is important. I don't doubt that for some women stress plays a role. Our minds and bodies are connected. However, I can't stress (pun!) enough how important it is to work with medical professionals to address any questions or concerns about fertility. I am currently 6 mo. pregnant after 2+ years of test and treatments due to serious, and medically diagnosed MALE FACTOR infertility. My personal experience and what I observe in our society is that so much of the fertility conversation is focused on women, and what we should/shouldn't do regarding our fertility. It is extremely important to understand that infertility impacts men and women equally - it is not a women's health issue, but a healthcare issue. It isn't my intent to take away from the work you are doing here, but to emphasize to others how important it is to approach (in)fertility as the medically diagnosed and treated condition that it is. I'm sure stress reduction can play a role in a wholistic approach, however, it could be an unhelpful diversion if used as a single strategy to address a medical condition that is statistically just as likely to impact a male partner as a female partner (should you be in a heterosexual and partnered relationship). I would be curious to know if you address the impact of stress on male infertility in your group at the same level as the impact on female infertility?