If you knew you couldn't fail, what would you do this week?

Do you have an idea that could really move things forward?Would you apply for a different job?Would you ask for a raise or a promotion?Would you have a difficult conversation with your boss?So why aren’t you doing it?Whatever thought and/or feeling comes up is what you need to work on. It’s what is holding you back. Ask these questions. Is it true? Is it helpful? Is it kind to me? If the answer to any of these is no, stop entertaining the thought and choose to think something different. Simple as that.Here’s the thing, failure is just an opportunity to learn. It means absolutely nothing about you or your worthiness.Tell me all the things, friends!
I was just watching Jimmy Chin's class where he mentioned how important it is to recognize that all failures (unless ones where you end up no longer being alive — context: he's a professional climber) are temporary. 🗻
I'd continue to do what I am doing!Going for my long runs, reach out to people on LinkedIn to plan the next chapter of my life, text all the guys I fancy :-))Life's too short to overthink!
I’d be a weed vaping writer of fiction but meanwhile I’m an executive in tech because the good life costs money and I’m fine with that and pretty tired of hearing people chanting “follow your dreams” when most ppl should just stick it out and build financial sustainability before going an blowing all their savings and credit on the off chance they can be the 0.000001% success story they want to be.
I definitely wasn't implying that lol. What kind of fiction do you write?
I would reach out to my husband's friend who's an investor at a VC firm and ask if I could pitch my female-focused startup idea to her and get her feedback.
Pitch less before getting funding, then having a long walk after, telling myself babe you did it and smiling saying God this can only be your doing.