I have created a 7 week Get Unstuck coaching program that will give you the skills you need to:

  • Manage your mind, feelings and actions to get the results you want and stop getting the results you don't want.
  • Identify your triggers and your most common stress response so that you can soothe your nervous system and feel better
  • Manage overwhelm, spinning and procrastination
  • Understand how you think about your self worth and untie it from your achievements
  • Improve your communication at work and at home
  • Use your time in a less pressurized way

You will leave the program with a strategic plan to create the result you most desire and the tools you need to manage your mind and your nervous system when you get stuck.If you've been wanting to try coaching but you were concerned about a long term commitment, this program is for you! I have 5 spots open and we can start next week. The price is $714.Schedule a quick 30 minute call with me now to sign up and schedule your sessions.