Free platform for students to learn and connect with top financial services and consulting firms. *JOB OPPORTUNITY*

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Thanks for sending - just shared with a few of our interns who are wrapping up their engagements :) Congrats on getting a role through it! On what criteria does a student/candidate get pre-selected on the platform (is this how it works)? And how is it different than all the other platform out there e.g Scouted, Handshake etc.?
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@iynna Thank you-- I appreciate it, and I'm sure your interns will find it useful!Each student fills out a detailed application with video responses tailored to their industry of choice. Then, companies can review candidates directly like that, and some even fast-track them to final round interviews. Yes, it is a bit different than those platforms. I would say it is similar to Scouted, but on top of matching you with a company directly, ModernGuild offers resources (info sessions with companies, workshops on case interviews, video courses and more) as well as mentorship and community.
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Hello @SashaPronin, I'm always on the lookout for great resources like these. Thank you! You mentioned students and new graduates, is it okay that as a graduate I can just mention the school I attended? I graduated in May and still job hunting. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
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Hi @nonyeo! I'm glad it's helpful! Of course, that should work! Best of luck :)