[Worst career advice #1] Don’t beg for a promotion

Last week, I attended a webinar about overcoming barriers in software engineering. This was a panel with inspiring women in Tech as speakers discussing their careers and their opinion about the blockers for women in our sector.

At the end of the session, they were asked to provide career advice.

And then the bomb dropped!

“I don’t beg for a promotion or money [salary]. I leave it to my manager to decide”.


I was furiously typing away in the chat “Don’t leave it to your manager to decide. Talking about your career and salary is not begging”.

I believe even the chairwoman was somehow surprised about the advice because she read aloud my comment.

I’ve been replaying this interaction in my head since the webinar. And I think the word that triggered me – begging – it’s actually a clue to the problem.

When we dismiss career and salary conversations as begging we:

- Assume our manager is infallible.

- Disregard our own judgment about our professional maturity.

- Give away all control over our careers.

QUESTION: What’s the worse piece of career advice you’ve received?

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